How to Build Commitment

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Being able to build commitment, among your team, your board, your stakeholders, is a critical skill.  Let’s review signs when your approach to building commitment may need a second look:

  • You need your team, board, or stakeholder group to take ownership of a task, but you don’t invest the time to fully engage them, and they drop the ball.
  • Conversely, you spend way too much time engaging with helpers, when you really just need to tell them what needs to be done, and to do it.
  • You need to persuade key helpers, but you don’t invest the time to craft compelling arguments, and your effort falls flat.
  • You want your helpers to take charge, but you want to stay involved in a time-efficient way, to make sure it gets done right.

Having these experiences means that you may not be properly matching your level of commitment-building effort to the needs of the situation.  So, how do you find the right fit?  Here are our Top 5 Ways to Recognize a Commitment-Building Opportunity:

  1. Any time you must charter an individual or team to demonstrate the highest levels of commitment to accomplish a task
  2. Any time you need to persuade an individual or team to take on a task and do it in a certain way
  3. Any time you need to charter an individual or team to commit to a task, while giving you the opportunity to give input in a time-efficient way
  4. Any time a directive needs to be given, quickly and efficiently
  5. Whenever you want to reflect on your commitment-building skills

Honing your ability to build commitment means being smart and strategic.  Here’s how it pays off:

  • You invest time and effort where it makes a difference, and not where it is wasted.
  • You set boundaries to more effectively channel your time and energy.
  • You assert your authority, and save your time, where doing so is appropriate, and appreciated.
  • You build a track record of being persuasive by always being prepared when your best strategy is to convince others.

Learn a simple yet powerful tool for building commitment here.

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