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Being able to negotiate well, and fairly, is a critical skill.  Let’s review common instances when you must negotiate well, and why:

  • You walk away from a conversation about resources and priorities, feeling used, or like a “door mat.”
  • You find people say “Yes” to your face, but then don’t take any of their promised actions.
  • You get what you want from people, but you “burn bridges” in the process that hurt you down the road.
  • You feel like you are not being heard.

Having these experiences is a sign that something is very “off” in your negotiations, both for yourself and the other person or organization.  So, how may you recognize a key opportunity for negotiation in organizational life?  Here are our Top 5 Ways to Recognize a Negotation Opportunity include:

  1. Agreeing to shared arrangements with partners in a collaboration
  2. Establishing a new business relationship
  3. Working with donors and their requests, which may not always fit with your mission and practices
  4. Coming to terms with community or project partners
  5. Discussing with your team which programs to pursue in the coming year

Building your skill in negotiation takes time, commitment, and practice.  Here is why it is worth the effort:

  • Investing in long-term partnerships requires you to “go slow to go fast,” building relationships smartly along the way.
  • Finding the best way to reach agreements with ethics and integrity means you can “sleep at night,” and be comfortable with yourself.
  • Creating sustainable solutions – that work for both parties – are the ones that last over time, and won’t need to be renegotiated later.
  • Working well with partners achieves the best solution, because you can each learn from each other.

Learn a simple yet powerful tool for negotiating well here.

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