How to Set Priorities

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Setting priorities is a critical component of planning success.  Let’s review common instances when you must set priorities, and why it is so important.

Have you ever experienced these feelings?

  • Your planning document feels more like a “wish list” than a tough, disciplined guide to your future
  • Your implementation of your plan feels like it is “stalling out,” like when you push on the gas pedal in your car too hard or too much, and you flood the engine with too much fuel
  • You believe “everything is a priority,” and therefore nothing is
  • Mostly, you feel overwhelmed

These are signs that you need to set priorities, right away!  It also may feel like there is never a “good time” to set priorities.  But if you invest the time and effort to do just that—set priorities—you will discover that you can manage both your time and effort more effectively.  So, how do you know when it’s time for priority-setting in the life of your organization?  Here’s our Top 5 List of When You Know You Need to Set Organizational Priorities:

  1. Setting strategic priorities for the organization as part of a strategic planning process.
  2. Setting annual operational priorities for your organization, within the context of a multi-year strategic plan.
  3. Setting team priorities within the context of an annual operational plan.
  4. Setting individual priorities within the context of your team plan.
  5. Setting organizational priorities during a leadership transition.

Investing a little more effort and time up front to set priorities will enable you to reap some time-saving benefits, which include:

  • Creating greater focus leads to greater productivity
  • Greater focus ensures the best use of limited resources
  • Having a strategy for the sequence of implementation ensures that you start strong, build momentum, and finish strong

Learn a simple yet powerful tool for setting priorities here.

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