How to Manage Group Discussions

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Being able to manage group discussions a critical management skill.  Let’s review signs when the way your group interacts merits some further reflection:


  • You feel like everyone is pushing their point of view, and no one is listening
  • You notice that your people aren’t speaking up, or asking questions of each other
  • You sense that your team is not performing at a high level, but you’re not entirely sure what that looks like
  • You see some team members more comfortable asking questions than in making statements, and risking by taking a position


When you feel like this, know you are not alone!   Many managers struggle with group discussions.  We spend many hours of many of our days in meetings, and yet we seem willing to accept that many of them are not spent productively.  Making the most of the time we commit to meetings is essential to our success.  Here are our Top 5 Good Times to Commit to Improve our Meetings:

1) A transition of any sort – e.g. the introduction of new team members, or new leadership – prompts a review of how a group meets and uses its time

2) A performance challenge from within or without the organization prompts the need to get more done in less time

3) A reduction of resources prompts the organization to be more efficient in how it invests its people resources

4) A desire grows to take your team to the next level, from being a group of individuals, or an adequate team, to a high performing team

5) When you are coaching a subordinate about how to improve his or her meetings


Being smart with how you manage interaction in team meetings pays big dividends.  Here are some:

  • You gain greater engagement from the quieter members, and more listening from the ones who tend to speak freely
  • You evolve from being a group that trades opinions to a team that learns from each other
  • You achieve a synergy of views, and generate new and original thinking and solutions
  • You get more done with the same amount of time


Learn a simple yet powerful tool for managing group discussions here.

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