EssentialWorth serves nonprofit leaders who want to learn, grow and succeed so that they may fulfill their greater passion and purpose to make a difference in their communities.


The Essential Board Plan is an online facilitated workshop designed to guide a nonprofit board to develop an annual board set of goals and work plan.

The Essential Board Plan Team is the Board itself, which may also include the Executive Director.  The process can accommodate any size board.

The Essential Board Plan Process includes four tasks:

  1. Identify Board Roles
  2. Assess Board Roles
  3. Identify Board Goals
  4. Develop Preliminary Board Goals

The format of the process is designed in four parts:

  • Orientation and Prework – specifically for the Executive Director and Board Chair, who will be driving the process.
  • Workshop – a 2-hour workshop in which the board gathers in person to view the online guided facilitation, and participate through the 4 tasks
  • Postwork – specific work, in tandem, that occurs over the course of a month or more.
    1. Executive Director and Board Chair
    2. Committees
  • Board Meeting – final step in the process to approve the Essential Board Plan for the organization.

The Essential Board Plan Template is the framework that captures all the work completed and synthesized throughout the process.  It is the final document that is approved, and can be used as the guiding work plan for the Board.

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The Essential Strategic Plan is designed as a self-paced online guided facilitation process that leads a core planning team through critical conversations to achieve a draft strategic plan.

The Essential Strategic Plan Team is a core group of 5-8 team members, including at minimum the Executive Director and Board Chair, along with key staff and other stakeholders, who bring a diverse and complementary set of skills and experience to the process.

The Essential Strategic Plan process consists of eight tasks that are designed around the following conversations:

  1. What do we value?
  2. What is our mission?
  3. What is our current situation?
  4. What critical issues do we face?
  5. What is our aspiration over the next 10 years?
  6. What do we want to achieve in 3 years?
  7. How do we measure success?
  8. How do we ensure sustainability?

The format of the process includes:

  • Five Webinars that orient participants to the tasks, summarizing the previous work and setting up the work to come;
  • Four 3-hour team work sessions—which may be broken down further into 90 minute sessions—in which the planning team, is guided virtually to complete each task together in real time;
  • All materials and worksheets available in pdf downloads.
  • Optional “411” live, 30-minute coaching call at anytime during the process to answer a question, discuss a challenge, or review a task.

The Essential Strategic Plan Template is a living document that can serve as an organization’s strategic plan, and/or guiding document for board discussions and accountability.

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The EssentialWorth Moments are designed for the individual leader – anyone working within a nonprofit who is seeking easy, simple yet powerful tools to develop as a leader.

The EssentialWorth Moments Team is … Team YOU, where you are the guide for your own development!  We empower you to be your own best advocate and cheerleader.  And we will support you every step!

Each EssentialWorth Moments task is a 5-minute clip that merges two dimensions into a 2×2 decision framework, yielding four strategies that empower leaders to choose their most effective actions.

This framework and the strategies we share will help leaders clarify their thinking, build confidence based on their own data, and make a commitment to be accountable.

The Essentialworth Moments Template is a Matrix in a free downloadable pdf document that captures the lesson and inspires further self-development.

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