EssentialWorth is a virtual consultancy helping nonprofits save time and money while fulfilling their missions.

Founders Jay W. Vogt and Judy A. Ozbun, bring a combined 50+ years of broad organizational expertise across multiple sectors (corporate, small business, nonprofit, academia) and industries (healthcare, retail, environment, education, and others).

Jay W. Vogt, M.Ed.
Cofounder and CEO

Jay believes EssentialWorth can help transform nonprofits by providing online solutions that spark conversation and unite teams.

An organizational development consultant with thirty years of experience, Jay also runs a strategic planning and change management practice (Peoplesworth).

Jay is the author of Recharge Your Team: The Grounded Visioning Approach and Board Roles to Board Goals—Creating an Annual Board Workplan.

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Judy A. Ozbun, MBA ACC
Cofounder and COO

Judy is passionate about translating planning into fun, empowering and actionable processes that help nonprofit leaders create plans they will use–so that they can get back to their passion to improve the world.

An executive coach and business consultant with over 20 years experience, Judy counsels business and nonprofit leaders through her private practice (JOi Group). Her specialties include strategic planning and execution, team building and leadership transition.

Judy has been a corporate leader, nonprofit executive, and served as a nonprofit board chairman and director.

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