“The Essential StrategicPlan was the best thing that ever happened to us!”

Melissa Elmer, Executive Director at Community House of Hamilton-Wenham

“We talked to many strategic planning consultants, but they were priced way out of our budget. In the past, we either had no strategic plan or one that people weren’t using because it was so complex. The EssentialStrategicPlan was our answer. It’s an affordable program that results in a simple document.”

Helen Lemoine, Executive Director at Leadership Metrowest

“Strategic planning is a heavy, scary concept for non-profits and making this a light, fun and accessible process is really brilliant.”

Sandra Rizkallah, Co-Executive Director at Plugged in Teen Band Program

“Employment Options stakeholder group reviewed our values, realigned our vision, and created a new succinct mission statement. EssentialWorth’s strategic planning process became a platform for change with more people working together while taking ownership of all that we can achieve.”

Toni Wolfe, Executive Director at Employment Options, Inc.

“Love the worksheets for sharing work to date with stakeholders for their feedback prior to work sessions – you really do make it easy, concise, and valuable!”

Deirdre Donahue, Board Member at SHED, Inc.

“You covered an amazing amount of material in a short time and kept us engaged throughout the process. It was really worth it!”

Beth Maczka, Executive Director at YWCA of Asheville, NC

“This is a truly fabulous program that is perfect for small non-profits who have neither the money, expertise nor time to engage a full strategic planning effort, but who need one nevertheless.”

Gary Hirshberg, Founder at Stonyfield Farm

“It unstuck us!”

Lawrence Isaacson, Conductor at Symphony Nova